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The attorneys at Bryan, Nelson, Schroeder, Castigliola & Banahan offer a wide array of legal services, ranging from medical malpractice defense to maritime law to wills and estates.  Whatever your needs, Bryan, Nelson, Schroeder, Castigliola & Banahan will listen to and work with you in crafting solutions to your problems.


Located at the Port of Pascagoula, the attorneys at BNSC&B have more than fifty years of experience addressing a wide range of maritime tort and contract issues involving both personal injury and property damage.  Specific representative issues handled by our attorneys include collision litigation, vessel seizures and maritime liens, maritime products liability actions, and Jones Act negligence claims.

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 Supreme Court


All of BNSC&B's attorneys possess extensive and valuable appellate practice experience.  Our attorneys handle appeals at all levels in both the state and federal court systems.


The attorneys at BNSC&B represent clients in a wide range of civil litigation cases, including premise liability, product liability, personal injury, and business litigation.  While we generally provide defense representation for clients, we also accept select cases on behalf of injured clients, provided we do not have any conflicts with our current clients.

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Employment agreements, warranties, leases, purchase and sale agreements, and every other type of written instrument contain unique and important legal terms.  If you need advice regarding the terms of a proposed contract, require assistance drafting a contract, or feel that someone has breached a contract with you, the attorneys at BNSC&B are here to help.


An experienced group offering a full range of services to both growing and established businesses, the attorneys at BNSC&B routinely counsel businesses on the inevitable issues that all businesses face. From bookkeeping advice to shareholder disputes, our team has the knowledge and skill needed to keep your business open and profitable, or to start a new one.

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US government building


The attorneys at BNSC&B have experiencing representing a wide variety of governmental entities, ranging for universities to municipalities.  Whether you are a governmental entity requiring outside counsel or a private citizen or business navigating bureaucratic, regulatory, or legal issues, our attorneys have the necessary experience to achieve your objectives.


With decades of experience representing the largest insurance companies in the United States, the attorneys at BNSC&B are well-versed and highly experienced in defending both insureds and insurance companies.  Our attorneys possess the sophistication and expertise to analyze, interpret, and resolve coverage issues arising under insurance policies of all types, including CGL, EPL, homeowners, and uninsured motorist policies.  Regardless of the complexity of the case, we will work efficiently to achieve your desired result in a cost-effective manner.

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Having successfully defended hundreds of medical and dental malpractice lawsuits, the attorneys at BNSC&B understand what is at stake for our clients. With your personal, professional, and financial interests in mind, we will work tirelessly to dismantle frivolous negligence claims. Our team of attorneys and support staff have had unparalleled success in defending malpractice suits, and such experience is often the difference-maker in the complex and ever-changing field of medicine.


Professionals of all industries put in countless hours of study and thousands of dollars in tuition to earn their licenses. And, whether you are an accountant, realtor, insurance agent, or financial broker, a lawsuit can put all of that hard work and expense in jeopardy. At BNSC&B, our attorneys understand these risks and are aptly prepared to defend you in professional liability suits. We will stand with you before governing and license review boards, agencies, and, of course, in courtrooms throughout Mississippi and Alabama.

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Whether you need a will or to probate a loved one's will, our office offers comprehensive services for managing these vitally important aspects of everyone's life.  If you have a young family, are planning for retirement, or have had a loved one recently pass, BNSC&B can provide the legal expertise needed to achieve your goals.


Situated in a community book-ended by major industries, BNSC&B's attorneys have the expertise necessary to effectively represent carriers and their insureds.  Our attorneys' experience even extends to defending high-stakes "bad faith" claims against carriers and administrators.

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Modern Architecture


If you need assistance with zoning changes, development approvals, or other land use issues, we are here to help.

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